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Synthetic Rope

Dyneema Rope is the worlds strongest fibre ropes made.

Dyneema Ropes are 7 times stronger than steel wire ropes of the same weight.


Dyneema Ropes are the only modulus synthetic fibre that has been scientifically engineered to overcome the challenges of steel cable rope.

The use of regular rope or even steel cable in fairleads, blocks and pulleys even over capstans creates abrasions which degrades the exposed fibres and will eventually break them. Bending fatigue occurs every time a rope is flexed under tension. When a rope runs over fairleads and pedestals it stresses the fibres both outside and inside the rope. With Dyneema the bending causes far less damage then other synthetic ropes. Certain conditions can lead to compression fatigue. This happens when ropes become slack during service and the fibres literally compress. This is often the case with aramid ropes. Due to the molecular properties engineered into Dyneema ropes, compression fatigue is not an issue.

All synthetic ropes will elongate when loaded over a longer period of time at high temperatures. This is known as Creep. Combined with abrasion or other risks, it can lead to rope failure. This can be a major risk for ropes made with generic HMPE. In contrast Dyneema has up to four times longer creep life.

-High Strength

-Light Weight

-Abrasion Resistant 

-Low Stretch

-Floats on Water


-Water Resistant





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Steel Cable

-Higher Mass

-Higher Recoil

-Greater Risk

Synthetic Rope

-Lower Mass

-Lower Recoil

-Reduced Risk

-Increased Safety

-Longer Lasting

-Reduced Corrosion


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Products for Synthetic Ropes

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