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David Ryans Jan 17 2019

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I bought the product in 2011 and didn't test it until 2016. I tested it again last year and bought another 100 feet of hose. When the fires came through Malibu I was ready and set for what was coming. 30 years of dry brush growth was 3/8ths of a mile from me and dry stream bed with all sorts of dried leaves and branches. For 10 hours we fought the blaze. The house across the street and behind me burned down. Starting 300 yards up the road 60 homes burned down. My only mistake was not measuring the distance to our barn/storage area. I needed another 25 feet of hose and could have save it, but didn't. I did save the main house, garage and guest house. Anyway thanks for the equipment and I will be buying more hose soon. There is nothing left to burn in our area so it may be a while before I have to use it again.