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Endurance Marine has developed a program of three models of Pot Puller to fit all levels from the sportsman to the professional. All units feature hands free foot controls , heavy duty solenoid switching, our new double planetary drive systems, quick connect 100 amp electrical wiring harness, and the new SlickBracket quick release system for fast, convenient storage. An adapter is supplied as standard with Pot Puller Sportsman and Professional series. The Pot Puller can be pivoted down out of the way by removing one of the lock pins.

Sportsman SPP-1 - Aluminum frame with a folding boom and tie off cleat. Fast release motor mounting bracket for compact storage. 8 inch cast aluminum sheave. NEW 2.2 hp motor. Retrieval speed of 110 fpm with load capacity of 100 lbs. Mounts to the Scotty Deep Rigger system or to the optional Endurance SlickBracket
UPC 846078061006

Pro Pot Puller PP1GU - Gunnel Mount 304 Stainless Steel Frame with detachable boom and tie off cleat. Fast release motor mounting for compact storage. 8 inch aluminum sheave. New 2.2 hp motor. Retrieval speed of 110 fpm with a load capacity of 200 lbs. Complete with the aluminum SlickBracket fast release mounting system. Frame will also accommodate the 2000 lb stainless cable winch (EWM2000SS). Optional extended boom available. Convert the rail mount pot puller PP-1GU to a deck mounted Big Bouy. See the Pot Pullers Conversion Kits Price Sheet 
UPC 846078062003

Pro-Series Big Buoy BB-2DE - Same features as the PP1-GU but fastens to both the Gunnel and the Deck for maximum support. Rotates and fully adjustable for gunnel height. New 2.2 hp motor. Retrieval speed of 110 FPM. And load capacity of 300 lbs. Complete with two aluminum Slick Bracket fast release mounting systems. Heavy duty pulley block. Extended boom is standard. Optional 10 inch sheave and additional support brackets available. Frame will accommodate the 2000 lb stainless cable winch (EWM2000SS) and may be converted into a deck crane.
UPC 846078063000

Pro-Series Pot Pullers Conversion Kits:


Convert the Pro-Series rail mount Pot Puller PP-1GU to a deck mounted Big Bouy that mounts on the deck and gunnel. You have a Pot Puller and crane that rotates and can be adjusted in height.

Kit contains a deck post extension, rotating insert tube, gunnel bracket (2 options ), and an aluminum Endurance SlickBracket

Add extendable braces and quick-release SlickBrackets for more support. 
Now you can mount an Endurance winch (EWM2000SS) stainless steel cable winch with 2000 lb capacity that turns the Pot Puller into dual function rotating crane and pot puller.
Kits include 1 or 2 extendable braces, floor brackets, swivel brackets

  • TEX-1K: One Brace UPC 846078062119

  • TEX-2K: Two Braces UPC 846078062126



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