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RBW 1000  (With Gear Cover)

Mushroom picking platforms utilizing a hand-winch for elevating and lowering the work platform require added attention to ensure proper maintenance and operation of the hand-winch (Figure 8). The environmental conditions of mushroom growing rooms will affect the internal and external hand-winch components, particularly components that are not corrosion resistant.

An owner’s manual specifically for the hand-winch should be kept on hand and readily available so that the required maintenance procedures can be referenced.

Hand-winch inspection should be part of a daily equipment inspection program, and hand-winch maintenance included in a planned, periodic maintenance program. A daily inspection of the hand-winch should occur at the beginning of each shift and include the following:

  • Check operation of the drive mechanism for any slipping, sticking, or other signs of malfunction. Listen for unusual noises and look for any signs of damage. Repair or replace if necessary.

  • Make sure the brake ratchet pawl engages as the handle is turned.

  • Make sure the supporting structure to which the winch is mounted is in good

    condition, and capable of supporting the winch and its load under all load conditions.

  • Check that all fasteners are in place and tightened.

  • Make sure the winch and brake are properly lubricated.

  • Make sure the cable is securely attached to the winch drum.

A periodic maintenance program should include the daily inspection items and the following additional checks:


Visually inspect all winch main components for any signs of wear, damage, or loose

gears, bearings or shafts. Disassemble the winch and brake if necessary. Replace worn, damaged, or failed components, or alternatively, replace the winch.

The hand-winch owner’s manual will contain detailed maintenance information. Follow all maintenance procedures and completely correct any problems before continuing use of the hand-winch.

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