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The RWC1200 winch console allows a wall mounted manual winch to function as a hoist byrunning the cable overhead using two pulley systems. The system has a heavy duty hi tensile bracket with a universal bolt pattern to mount most hand winches. The two pulleys assemblies are on high quality bearings to reduce friction. This compact system is ideal for the small work shop that requires a crane for lifting and workspace is an issue. It is affordable for the DIY market to rig for pulling engines, removing truck canopies, unloading general trailer cargo and any lifting issue. WINCH SOLD SEPERATLEY


RWC 1200 Specifications:
Separate Stand for Winch
Capacity: 1200lbs (545kgs)
N.W.: (kgs) 4.4
Inner Carton: (cm)19.5 x 15 x 14

RWC1200 Wall Mount Winch Console

SKU: RWC1200
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