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The Endurance Marine Slick Gunnel Crane has been developed as a  system that can be mounted on boats, docks, vehicles, and other commercial and industrial applications. The system has a series of accessories that provide a wide range of mounting components to suit the application. The Slick Gunnel Crane rotates 360 degrees, can be adjusted in height, lifting arm length, and  can be collapsed easily by  disconnecting support braces. By using the quick-release feature of patented Endurance Slick Brackets for mounting, the Slick Gunnel Crane can be quickly removed or repositioned  in a mounting.

The Slick Bracket are made of 304 Stainless Steel (8000 lb sheer strength), the footprint is 6”x 6”, flush mounts and has a profile of only 3⁄4” above the deck when not in use.

Whats Included:

- SC4SSG Slick Gunnel Crane 300 lbs. capacity
- EMD 2000SS Stainless Steel Cable Winch
12V DC, 1.5 HP corrosion-resistant unit featuring a stainless steel frame, winch, cable and hook , wired hand held remote.

Stainless Steel Slick Gunnel Crane SC4SSG

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