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Size: 1/2" (6-13 mm) 8mm band

-Clamps & Housings are 301 Stainless Steel

-Screws are 304 Stainless Steel

-Rated for Underground Applications.


Shipping Info: 

H "    L "    W"    Ibs        H cm    L cm    W cm    Kg
9"  13.5"   8.5" 16.5lbs   23cm   34cm   22cm    7.5kg 

Stainless Steel Gear Hose EMAS3 Q:1000

  • The EMAS3 Gear Hose Clamps are avaiable in:


    10 Pack $3.30

    100Pack $30.00


    Please call for larger quantity pricing : 1-877-535-0669



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