Two-Stage High Pressure Fire Pump 40mm (1.5 inches)
70 m (230 ft) (100psi)
8 m (26 ft)
13.5 m3/h (60 US Gal/min)
65 seconds (at suction 4m (13 ft))
50' Lined Fire Hose, Fog/Stream Nozzle, 8' Intake Hose with Strainer & Camlock CouplersForced Air cooled, 4-stroke OHV 6.5 hp/3600 rpm
3.6 L (1 US Gal.)
Unleaded gasoline
35 kg (78 lbs)
520x385x470 mm (20.5x15x18.5 inches)Heavy Duty Steel Frame
6" Non Pneumatic Wheels
Store and Transport System
 Use for Pumps & Generators
 One Year Warranty


Portable Water Tank not included.


Complete Fire Fighting System withCart EFPBS 1.5"